BBM on Android, iOS and Desktop

About BBM

BBM is one of the largest mobile messaging applications. Moving beyond BlackBerry devices, the app has over 100 million installs on Android, iOS, and BB10. Since it was created in August 2005, BBM has evolved from a pure messaging application for communication (text and video) to a social eco-system unifying chat, social, commerce and services including games.


Worked with diverse team of product managers, UX designers, and UI developers and created intuitive and streamlined UI for BlackBerry Instant Messenger (BBM) for Android, iOS and Desktop.

Increased revenue streams by applying user – centered design methods and industry best practices in BBM shop with thousands of stickers, subscriptions, and games.

BBM on Android

Improved app rating to 4.5 stars by redesigning BBM for Android based on Material Design guidelines. Collaborated with user research team and applied Beta users feedback to key screens. Provided on time wireframes with detailed interaction design specifications and annotations, mockups, and assets for multiple screen size buckets.

BBM on Android – Google Play

BBM Enterprise on Android – Google Play

BBM Navigation – Android
BBM Chat Flow
BBM Chat Flow – Android
BBM Android mockups
BBM Android

BBM on iOS

Updated BBM application based on human interface guidelines for iOS. Collaborated closely with development and QA teams, reviewed app builds constantly, and provided feedback for various visuals aspects / deficiencies using JIRA (AGILE based software).

BBM on iOS – App Store

BBM Enterprise on iOS – App Store

BBM - iOS wireframes

BBM Enterprise on Desktop

Received positive response from stakeholders regarding usability, functionality, and pleasant look
and feel for 1st version of BBM Enterprise desktop application.

Provided comprehensive competitive analysis, detailed interaction design specifications and annotations; high fidelity mockups and assets for the application.

BBM Desktop
BBM Desktop
BBM Desktop Profile
BBM Desktop – Profile