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Podcasts app is part of the Playbook system, but is good enough to make this list. It handles audio and video podcasts nicely. Listening to podcasts while doing other things is a good use for the great multitasking on the Playbook. Many podcast sources will allow you to listen to a brief preview of an episode before you download the full show.


Worked with diverse team of product managers, UX designers, and UI developers and created intuitive UI for Podcasts application based on stakeholders interviews input and feedback; users needs, and PlayBook guidelines.

Employed user – centered design methods of media applications such as Music Store and Podcasts. Created wireframes, prototypes and high – fidelity mockups. Provided assets for the development team and feedback for various visuals aspects / deficiencies of the app.

Playbook Podcasts app Review

Podcasts Featured Channels
Podcasts – Featured Channels (Playbook)
Podcasts - Playing Episode
Podcasts – Playing Episode (Playbook)
Podcasts - Categories
Podcasts – Categories (Playbook)
Podcasts - Downloaded Episodes
Podcasts – Downloaded Episodes (Playbook)
Podcasts - My Podcasts
Podcasts – My Podcasts (Playbook)

Worked with product managers team under intuitive UI for Podcasts application on TV.

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Recent Podcasts (TV)
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Podcasts Channel (TV)
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